Arkana Cast

Well, you’ve done it now. You’ve stumbled on to another one of our nonsensical creations: our real play podcast, Arkana Cast.

As with all things Arkana, we sit in a dark, sweaty room and take a game of make believe way too seriously.  This time, though, we’re all in the same dark, sweaty room. Check out new episodes every other Tuesday to listen as players Britt, Christopher, and Trace ignore Arbiter Jessee’s meticulous planning and world building to focus on things that may or may not include:

  • A cave Jessee briefly mentioned that has nothing to do with anything
  • A table in the middle of a room (what’s a conference room?)
  • Fun Dip (Do you eat the stick when you run out of flavored powder or not?)
  • Whether or not the tree Jessee described is an invasive species, how the local ecosystem would be affected if it is, and whether it would be better to introduce petroleum based plastics instead of an invasive tree species.

Find Arkana Cast pretty much anywhere you look for podcasts. If you can’t find us, then send us an email to let us know; and we’ll do our best to be there next time you look.

Like the rest of the internet, it’s an honor system thing; but don’t listen unless you’re over 18 because we sometimes say bad words and may or may not joke about and/or discuss adult topics. Your parents probably don’t want you to listen to us.