Example Mundane Spells

As a reference, The Arkana Engine Team has come up with an example mundane Spell for Fair (DS: 4), Good (DS: 5), and Great (DS: 6) for each Spell. By no means are you or your players limited to these Spells, they’re just a reference. If it makes more sense, or is more fun for your group, you should increase or decrease the DS as you deem appropriate.


Sense Body Sense Matter Communicate (with) Mind Sense Energy Communicate (with) Spirit
Fair: Discover an opponent’s relative skill by the way he holds his sword Sense the quality of an object by touching it Convey an important point in conversation Determine how long a fire has been out
Good: Diagnose a disease accurately Detect irregularities in a wall or floor Gain a person’s trust Accurately predict weather based on the wind and clouds Ask a spirit “yes” or “no” questions and understand the answers
Great: Look at an individual and know their physical skills, down to the level Detect even the finest counterfeit money Calm a senselessly violent individual Feel the marching of far away armies through the ground Talk freely with any spirit


Diminish Body Diminish Matter Diminish Mind Diminish Energy Diminish Spirit
Fair: Knock a flat footed individual over Cut a taut rope with a knife Keep a low profile in public Extinguish a spreading fire
Good: Properly process an animal Kick a sturdy door in Lie convincingly Reduce a fever Weaken a spirit (ghost)
Great: Strike an opponent to hobble them in a lasting way Sunder an opponent’s weapon Convince someone that their memory is false Insulate an object against great heat or shock Suppress a spirit (ghost)


Enhance Body Enhance Matter Enhance Mind Enhance Energy Enhance Spirit
Fair: Triage and bandage wounds Sew ripped pants Remember a recent event accurately Keep warm in the winter
Good: Use rhythmic breathing to fortify the body for physical exertion Sharpen a blade to a keen edge Console a distraught individual Keep a dying fire lit Strengthen a spirit (ghost)
Great: Push past the absolute limits of your stamina Reinforce a gate against siege Rally a band of routed soldiers Burn an enemy camp with simple torches Free a tormented spirit (ghost)


Control Body Control Matter Control Mind Control Energy Control Spirit
Good: Balance on an uneven or unstable surface Pick a lock Persuade an enemy into a truce Properly temper and heat-treat a blade
Great: Pin and control a physically superior opponent Heave a great object Meditate into a lucid dream state Direct flowing currents of fire, air, water, electricity, etc Bind a spirit (ghost) to your will